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Cuuuuuuute. That's what came to mind first when I read The Best Laid Plans. This book was cute, y'all, and really brought back those high school memories.

First up: special thanks to my BFF for sending me this book as an ARC. I love you. You know who you are.

Now, the goods:

Keely is the last virgin left on Earth. Or at least it feels that way. She's definitely the last virgin left in her group of friends in her small town, where everyone knows everyone and everyone knows who you've hooked up with. Or haven't, in Keely's case. And that needs to change before she goes to college. She can't go to college without any experience under her literal belt. But changing that is next to impossible– she's known all of the boys her age since she was five. When Keely meets Dean, an older, college-aged boy she works with at the video store that looks like he stepped off the set of a movie, she's even more determined. But the only person she'd feel comfortable losing her virginity to is her best friend, Andrew, whom she's known since literal birth. He's her best friend, her partner in crime, the one person who would never hurt her feelings or call her a slut afterward. But even the best laid plans can go awry.

Y'all, this one was really spot on with the high school experience (in my opinion, obviously). It's full of who slept with who, who's still a virgin, boys trash talking because they think it's cool, getting drunk at parties and really regretting it, and girls who are a little meaner than they should be to their fellow girls. But it's also such a cute friends-to-lovers story. It's that age old tale of a boy and girl who start off as friends, who could never see each other as more, until one day it's like they're looking at each other with glasses on after years of being partially blind and they've never seen anything more clear.

I know, I know, stop saying this book was cute. But it was! Keely and Andrew's friendship is so cute, so pure, and then just how Keely is through the extent of their friendship is just....ugh, cute. Honestly, if you want to read lighthearted YA, you'll love The Best Laid Plans. I can't wait to see what else Cameron Lund comes up with.


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